Rules and Regulations


The EMII for Emergency Management Professionals in Ireland.



The name of the organisation shall be Emergency Management Institute Ireland hereinafter known as EMII.


  • The EMII’s is Ireland’s leading voice in promoting effective emergency management, resilience and the professional interests of its members. Putting the needs of people affected by crisis at the heart of what we do.
  • The EMII shall operate as a professional body with the object of promoting effective Emergency Management.  The objectives of The EMII shall be to promote and protect the interests of Emergency Management and to exchange ideas of professional interest.
  • The values of the EMII will be :
    • Act with integrity and strive to be open and transparent
    • Be supportive in helping members to develop
    • Engage with members and stakeholders to inform debate and build trust
    • Empower people to take an active part in the EMII
    • Take pride in the work of the EMII
    • Respect the views of all members.
  • The EMII may make representations to Government, Local Authorities and other relevant organisations.


Membership of the EMII shall be open to any person involved in a professional, managerial or operational, capacity in emergency planning and management who is accepted for membership of the EMII.

The Society had four levels of active membership:-

  • Founder
  • Individual
  • Group
  • Student

There are two further categories of membership – Honorary and Retired.

Founder Member of the EMII

This is the normal full membership for members who join the EMII by the end of February 2018.  All Members are entitled to full voting rights within the EMII.

Member of the EMII

This is the normal enrolment level for all those joining the EMII.  All Members are entitled to full voting rights within the EMII.

Group Member

Any member may apply for group membership if their organisations has four or more members of the EMII. All Group members will have normal full membership of the EMII.  All Members are entitled to full voting rights within the EMII.

Student Member of the Society

Student membership is open to those who are undertaking an accredited course in Emergency Management. All Student Members are entitled to full voting rights within the EMII.

Membership demonstrates that an individual is committed to the high professional standards expected of all EMII.  This carried with it both opportunity and responsibility.


  • Where a member resigns his membership of the EMII, they will automatically cease to be a Member of the EMII.
  • Members (retired) and Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote at EMII meetings.  They shall have the right to participate in the debate at any meeting at the invitation of the Chairman.


  • The management of the affairs of the EMII shall be vested in the EMII Officers (see 5.4 below) elected by EMII members.
  • EMII Officers shall be elected by the EMII Members at the EMII Inaugural General Meeting and thereafter at the EMII Annual General Meetings.
  • Election of EMII Officers shall be governed by the following rules:
    • Nominations for appointment as an Officer shall be submitted in writing, by Members to the Secretary of the EMII at least ten clear days before the Annual General Meeting.  No nominations shall be submitted unless the proposer has the express approval of the nominee.
    • If there shall be more than one nomination for any office a ballot shall be taken in respect of each appointment to be filled.  The ballot will normally an open ballot at the Annual General Meeting.
    • If for any reason a vacancy occurs in any one of the EMII Offices, the EMII Officers will appoint a member of the EMII to hold that office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting. 
    • A vacancy of any EMII office shall not invalidate its proceedings. 
    • The EMII Officers shall conduct the affairs of The EMII in such a way as to serve the best interests of the EMII members provided that they shall do nothing which conflicts with the rules of the EMII or of the general policy laid down from time to time by the members meeting in Ordinary Meetings. 
    • The EMII Members will at their Annual General Meetings appoint an Honorary Auditor who will report on the accounts of the EMII to the Annual General Meeting.  For this purpose a report in writing will be sufficient.  The Honorary Auditor so appointed will serve until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting when they may be re-elected. 
  • EMII Officers shall be as defined in rule 5.4.1 and elected at the Inaugral General meeting and subsequent Annual General Meeting’s to serve for a period of one year or until the following Annual General Meeting whichever would be the sooner.
    • Chairman                             
    • Vice Chairman      
    • Secretary                    
    • Hon Treasurer            
  • An Officer or the EMII Officers en-bloc may be removed from office at any time provided that a motion to that effect is put to The EMII Members meeting in Ordinary or Extraordinary Meetings. 
  • EMII Members may appoint a committee or members for any such general purpose as may be deemed necessary to facilitate the objects of the EMII. 
  • EMII Members shall have the power to co-opt not more than two members who shall not have the power to vote, such members to hold office for a defined period or until the next Annual General Meeting, whichever is the shorter. 


  • The EMII will hold at least three ordinary general meetings during each year for the purpose of conducting EMII business. 
  • The EMII Annual General Meeting will be held each year.
  • The Chairman and Secretary will arrange the agenda and programme for all EMII meetings. 
  • The Chairman will, at the Annual General Meeting, give an Annual Report on EMII Activities. 
  • Notices of motion for The EMII Annual General meeting will be submitted to the Hon Secretary at least twenty-one clear days before the meeting at which it will “be put”.  All notices of motion will be placed on the agenda which shall be circulated in writing to all members at least fourteen days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. 
  • A quorum for the EMII Annual General Meeting shall not be less than 25% of the current membership of the EMII. 
  • A Special General Meeting of The EMII may be convened by a majority of the EMII Officers or on a request in writing to the Secretary setting out the nature of the business and signed by not less than 60% of the current EMII Membership. 
  • The Secretary shall give not less than fourteen clear days notice to branch members of the date, time and nature of the business to be discussed at the Special General Meeting. 
  • No other business than that stated in notice shall be brought before the Special General Meeting. 
  • A quorum for a Special General Meeting shall not be less than 25% of the current EMII membership. 
  • All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the standing orders approved in Ordinary General Meeting or at the Annual General Meeting.


  • The EMII shall receive an annual fee from EMII members as an annual subscription. This fee shall be determined by members at the Annual General Meeting.


  • The EMII Officers shall have the power to determine any question that may arise concerning the interpretation of any part of these rules. 
  • New rules or alteration to rules, subject to sub-rule 8.3, shall only be made at a Special or Annual General Meeting of the EMII. 
  • Any motion to introduce a new rule or to amend the existing rules shall become effective only on a majority vote of not less than two-thirds of the members voting. 


  • The EMII shall be dissolved only by a resolution of a properly convened Special or Annual General Meeting and such dissolution will take effect only after confirmation of a resolution by a majority vote of not less than two-thirds of the membership of the EMII in a postal ballot held for this purpose. 
  • In the event of a dissolution of the EMII the EMII Officers shall realise and distribute the assets of the EMII in a manner directed by the resolution agreed by the EMII members confirming such dissolution.