Research Symposium (Risk Management in Ireland)

The first EMII Research Symposium explored risk management in Ireland, with particular emphasis on theory and practice in risk management at a national level (Government; Defence Forces; ESB).

Four papers were presented:
• Paper One: Briefing on the MEM Framework (2018) Leonard, K.
• Paper Two: Methodology, Process & Outcomes: Delivering the National Risk Assessment (2017) McMullan, C., Brown, G.D., Tully, E., & Craven, T.
• Paper Three: Risk Management in ESB. Sinnott, M., & Hynes, D.
• Paper Four: Defence Forces Approach to strategic risk. Mulcahy, R., & Lavin, D.

Papers from the EMII Research Symposium will be hosted on DORAS, DCU’s Open Access Institutional Repository, in the hope that they can inform good practice in emergency management while expanding the research database available to scholars and practitioners alike.

PDF (EMII: Risk Management in Ireland)

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